Sports management programmes

We created the well known Sports Leadership Programme (SLP) and designed multiple custom programmes.

Sports management programmes

We created the well known Sports Leadership Programme (SLP) and designed multiple custom programmes.

Discover our dynamic executive sports management programs, specifically designed to address the changing needs of the sports industry and align with your personal career aspirations. Whether you’re interested in open enrollment courses or customized solutions for your sports organization, our programs provide cutting-edge insights and practical skills essential for success in the fast-growing world of sports management. Elevate your expertise and propel your career forward with our esteemed executive education offerings.

O P E N   P R O G R A M M E S

Sports Leadership Programme

Are you a leader in professional sports? Take your career to the next level with our innovative 6-month Sports Leadership Programme. Dive into four intensive modules and a personalized leadership track to expand your knowledge, grow personally, and refine your leadership skills.

Our Sports Leadership Programme (SLP), now celebrating a successful 10-year journey, is designed for leaders in professional sports to achieve their goals and ambitions. Gain deep insights into the evolving world of sports management and leadership through our comprehensive approach. We focus on important areas like high-performance, new business models, governance and social impact in sport.

Join a community of passionate sports leaders driving sustainable innovations in elite sports. Our programme, partly conducted abroad at top international sports locations, offers a unique blend of industry-specific knowledge and academic insights. With an incredible alumni network, including national team managers, Olympic coaches, sports executives, and entrepreneurs, our programme will help you enhance your leadership abilities. Embark on a transformative journey to hone your skills, make a difference, and leave a legacy in elite sports.

  • Start February 2025
  • 6 months 10 days
  • 8.250 euro excl. VAT and travel

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C U S T O M   P R O G R A M M E S

Boardroom & Governance programme KNVB

This annual board program is designed specifically for the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB). Tailored for supervisory board members of Dutch professional football clubs, this program offers a deep dive into the complex world of football governance and business.

Across three interactive modules and expert-led sessions, participants explore key leadership principles, regulatory frameworks, and strategic insights essential for effective football administration. Covering topics from ethical governance to financial management, attendees gain specialized knowledge to tackle the unique challenges of football governance.

Real-life case studies and practical exercises reinforce learning, highlighting the close relationship between sport and business. Upon completion, participants emerge as empowered agents of positive change within Dutch football, ready to shape its governance and business practices.

Endorsed by the KNVB and guided by respected experts, this collaborative effort ensures that board members are fully equipped to lead with excellence and integrity, driving the future of Dutch football forward.

Sharjah Sports Leadership Programme

The Sharjah Sports Leadership Program was a bespoke initiative exclusively designed for the next generation of women’s sports leaders in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE. Developed in collaboration with the Sharjah Capability Development and Sharjah Women’s Sport, this transformative program seamlessly integrated online coaching sessions, expert series in Sharjah, and a 10-day leadership expedition within the sports business industry in the Netherlands. Participants had the unique opportunity to visit renowned establishments such as Ajax, The Dutch Olympic Training Center, and the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB).

With a focus on empowering 20 emerging talents from Sharjah Women’s Sports, the program aimed to establish a solid foundation for future female leadership in sports. It brought together a diverse cohort of professionals, including executives, department heads, specialists, and managers, each contributing expertise in strategic planning, marketing, events, accounting, talent development, and various aspects of sports leadership.

Covering a wide range of disciplines from team sports to individual specialties, media to governance, high performance, new business models, and sustainability, the program catered to both young professionals and seasoned experts. This diverse blend of backgrounds fostered a dynamic learning environment, promoting innovation and nurturing impactful leadership within the world of sports.

Aspiring and Inspiring Youth Leaders Programme Eurohockey (AIYL)

In collaboration with EuroHockey and supported by various European federations and along with Copenhagen University, the Aspiring and Inspiring Youth Leadership Programme (AIYL) seeks to contribute to the landscape of sports leadership.

This innovative initiative crafted an immersive leadership program tailored for youth leaders ready to ascend to senior roles within the national and international sports arena. Through extensive training and support, the AIYL programme aims to empower young leaders by fostering principles of effective governance, inspiring leadership, and strategic decision-making.

At its core, the AIYL programme is dedicated to nurturing talent and empowering young individuals to realize their full potential. By equipping them with essential skills and knowledge, the programme aims to foster a new generation of leaders who will drive positive change within the sports community and beyond.

With the backing of European Union Erasmus+ funding, initiatives like these underscore the essential role of sports in Europe and its ability to generate significant impact in communities worldwide — values that SportsinQ wholeheartedly supports.

As an active contributor to the AIYL programme, SportsinQ is proud to support this innitiative. Recognizing the significance of leadership development in sports, we are dedicated to shaping the future leaders of the sports world. The programme’s alignment with our core values underscores the importance of investing in youth leadership and underscores the pivotal role of sports in shaping societal values and fostering personal growth.

The Elite Coach Programme (KNHB)

We, in collaboration with the Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB), have designed an Elite Coaching Programme tailored for the elite coaches of team sports at the highest level. This initiative arose from a common challenge faced by multiple sports federations, among which handball and volleyball, where there was a notable absence of coaching development for their top coaches at the (inter)national level. The solution to this gap in professional development led to the creation of the “Topcoach” programme.

Unlike traditional coaching programmes focused solely on sport-specific technical and tactical aspects, the Topcoach programme takes a holistic approach. It transcends sport-specific boundaries and delves into overarching principles applicable across various disciplines. Whereas, coaching at the highest level involves managing the complex dynamics between coach, staff and team while navigating the pressures of high-performance sport and societal expectations.

By bringing together the best coaches from different sports, the programme creates a unique learning environment, where the coaches can develop themselves and learn from each other. It explores the individual behind the coach, leadership styles, managing multi and interdisciplinary teams, navigating high-performance environments, understanding the unique dynamics of sports governance and the sport ecosystem.

These topics fall within the domain of SportsinQ and even exhibit some overlap with the Sport Leadership Programme. As a result, a collaborative partnership has been established to facilitate elite coaches’ accelerated progression. Upon completing the Topcoach programme, coaches gain expedited entry into the Sport Leadership Programme offered by the Sport Leadership Institute, ensuring a seamless transition and comprehensive professional development journey for those who want to further contribute to the world of sport.


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