EDU Travel

Combining Academic classes with Sports inside visits abroad.

EDU Travel

Combining Academic classes with Sports inside visits abroad.

Embark on international field trips tailored for sports executives, exploring topics like new business models, sustainability, innovation, and social impact. In collaboration with our academic partners, we delve into unique sports ecosystems worldwide, where industry experts share cutting-edge practices.

Our international journeys go beyond traditional tours—they’re immersive learning experiences meticulously designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Stay at the forefront of sports management as we delve into the latest trends and developments, equipping you with invaluable insights and strategies.

And the journey doesn’t end there. Our specialized follow-up courses are your pathway to differentiation and expertise in Sports & Business. Join us as we redefine excellence in sports management, shaping a future driven by innovation and social responsibility.


In collaboration with the University of North Texas, we organized a unique five-day study trip to Dallas (2022) focused on exploring new business models in sports. The program featured a combination of insightful lectures by leading experts in sports management, engaging visits to renowned sports organizations such as the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks, and opportunities for networking and relaxation.

Participants had the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant sports culture of Dallas while gaining valuable knowledge and insights into the latest trends and strategies in the industry. The highlight of the trip was attending an electrifying NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Portland Trailblazers on Friday night, providing a thrilling firsthand experience of top-tier sports entertainment.

Overall, the program provided an unforgettable learning experience, blending education, networking, and leisure in a dynamic setting that inspired participants and broadened their perspectives on sports management.

N E W   Y O R K

In collaboration with Nyenrode Business University, we orchestrated an enlightening field trip to New York, delving into sports, finance, and sustainability. Participants experienced a diverse itinerary, from visiting media giants like ESPN and CBS to exploring the New York Red Bulls’ operations. At Queens College, engaging workshops led by both local and Nyenrode faculty covered sports investment strategies and sustainability practices. The US Open provided an electrifying finale, showcasing world-class athleticism, fan engagement and sustainability efforts. Departing New York, participants gained a nuanced understanding of sports management’s multifaceted nature, with insights into finance and sustainability shaping industry dynamics. This transformative journey fostered connections, broadened horizons, and inspired new perspectives on sports management.


Fundis, a renowned leader in elderly care services, recognized the importance of delving into sustainable practices within the field. In partnership with Green Sports Alliance Japan, we crafted a bespoke 8-day knowledge trip to Japan. This meticulously curated experience was designed to immerse participants in Japan’s cutting-edge healthcare system while showcasing sustainable initiatives in elderly care.

Throughout the trip, participants engaged in enlightening hospital visits, where they witnessed firsthand the implementation of sustainable practices. Care center tours underscored the importance of community engagement and personalized care in eldercare. Workshops were tailored to focus on integrating technology for enhanced efficiency and elevated care standards.

Green Sports Alliance Japan played a pivotal role in infusing sustainability into the program. Visits to eco-friendly care facilities and discussions on green initiatives exemplified Japan’s dedication to environmental stewardship in healthcare. These experiences equipped Fundis with tangible strategies to incorporate sustainability into their operations upon returning home.

Ultimately, the trip served as a catalyst for cross-sector collaboration, enriching Fundis’ understanding of global best practices in elderly care. By embracing sustainability and fostering international partnerships, Fundis is poised to contribute to a more sustainable future for elderly care in the Netherlands and beyond.


In collaboration with Nyenrode Business University and LUISS Business University, we curated an enriching five-day program in Rome. Participants embarked on a captivating journey focused on leadership in sports, sustainability, and the anticipation surrounding the Winter Olympics in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Led by esteemed faculty members from both institutions, the program offered engaging lectures and interactive discussions. Highlights included visits to esteemed institutions such as the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the iconic Olympic Stadium, providing firsthand insights into Italy’s sporting excellence.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, participants explored eco-friendly practices within the sports industry. Additionally, the program provided a unique focus on the upcoming Winter Olympics, offering valuable insights into the preparations and challenges associated with hosting such a prestigious event.

This immersive experience in Rome empowered participants with knowledge and inspiration, fostering a deeper understanding of sports leadership and sustainability in a global context.


In collaboration with Nyenrode Business University and the University of Oregon, we orchestrated an immersive five-day program centered around the dynamic intersection of sports business, fan experience, and sustainability in Oregon. This carefully curated journey offered participants a deep dive into the innovative strategies and practices shaping the future of the sports industry.

Led by expert faculty from both institutions, the program featured engaging lectures and discussions that explored the latest trends and challenges in sports business, with a particular emphasis on sustainable practices and enhancing the fan experience.

A highlight of the program was the exclusive visits to industry leaders such as Nike HQ and Columbia, where participants gained firsthand insights into how these global brands integrate sustainability into their business models while delivering unparalleled experiences for their fans.

Furthermore, attending an Oregon Ducks game provided a unique opportunity to witness firsthand how sustainability initiatives and fan engagement strategies are implemented in a live sporting environment.

By combining education, industry insights, and firsthand experiences, this program empowered participants to not only understand but also actively contribute to the evolution of sports business, fan engagement, and sustainability practices in Oregon and beyond.


In partnership with Loughborough University, we curated an impactful two-day program in London (April 2024), centered on the theme of social impact in sport. Held at the Olympic Campus, this immersive experience provided participants with invaluable insights into how sports can drive positive change across four key focus areas: disability, community, youth, and sustainability.

Led by expert faculty members from Loughborough University, the program featured engaging workshops, discussions, and case studies focused on understanding and maximizing the social impact of sports initiatives. Participants gained practical knowledge and innovative strategies for addressing societal challenges through sports-based interventions.

A highlight of the program was the exclusive visits to renowned institutions such as West Ham United Football Club, where participants witnessed firsthand the transformative power of sports in fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals with disabilities, as well as promoting community engagement and youth development.

Furthermore, a visit to Wimbledon provided participants with insights into sustainability initiatives within the sports industry, highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship and responsible practices in major sporting events.


In collaboration with Nyenrode Business University, we organized an insightful three-day program in Paris, focusing on the intersections of sports, finance and sustainability. The MBA participants embarked on a dynamic journey, gaining valuable insights into the business side of sports while exploring the importance of sustainable practices within the industry.

Led by distinguished faculty members from Nyenrode, the program featured engaging lectures and interactive discussions that delved into topics such as sports finance, investment strategies, and the integration of sustainability into sports management.

A highlight of the program was the exclusive visits to prominent institutions, including the board of Paris Saint-Germain, UNESCO, and the Paris 2024 organizing committee. These visits provided participants with unique opportunities to learn from industry experts and gain firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of sports organizations and global initiatives.


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